Every tradition has a wealth of wedding traditions and Russia is no exception. While many modern Russian couples opt for a more «westernized» ceremony that only requires them to sign their names in a register office ( or as we https://books.google.fr/books?id=qvURCAAAQBAJ&pg=PA49&lpg=PA49&dq=love&source=bl&ots=kO5PKPH81l&sig=ACfU3U2WaGDsJfkSjbz2SZzKzZjKiG0zNQ&hl=en call it Zags), there are still those who want to go the whole pig and have the traditional Catholic celebration with all of its associated joy.

As an example, a traditional Russian few likely greet their parents as they enter the house with bread and salt. This is a method of wishing the innovative couple a longer living together. After this, the newlyweds will have a special meal of korovai, a rounded bride food filled with different characters such as pigeons, blossoms, sun and stars, all wishing the couple health, prosperity and happiness.

During the greeting, guests are encouraged to decline a bit of cash on the floor around the brides, known as «dvoryanka». This traditional custom embodies a couple’s desire for great success in life.

Another custom is that the wife throws her flowers at the customers instead of the bride toprussianbrides.com/hot-and-sexy-russian-women/. Someone caught it is thought to be the person who will marry after them, so they must be extremely cautious not to trample very challenging. A piece of the plate must be placed underneath their pillow for those who do n’t catch it.

The «ransom» is another conventional part of a Russian ceremony. In essence, the vicar’s associates kidnap the bride before putting her in hiding until he reaches the end of a string of commitments intended to test his feelings for her. To price the girl, the man must make either actual or metaphoric payments.

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